A Prison Called Self

Imprisoned inside of you there's someone, somewhere
Waiting to break free
To crumble the facade
And show who's really there.

Step outside with a smile on your face
Don't let anyone know you're sad
Don't let anyone know you can't take
Anymore of anything ever again

You've had enough of the world and its pretenses
But you're stuck in the prison of your mind
You want something real-something true
That you know you cannot find in this world

Your prison is also your life
Where you sit in solitary confinement
You cannot connect with anyone
Conversations are but meaningless words

You've noticed a crack in the wall of your cell
You rush to fix it so no one gets through
Or else someone will crumble your walls
Leaving you defenseless

Jesus reaches out and knocks at your door
"Is anyone in there?" He asks
Yes- you grab His hand and pull yourself out
Destroying the walls forever and more

Now you can smile with joy in your heart
You've found something more than this world
And you know you are free
As you have never been before

Your soul has found its refuge
No longer is it confined
It has broken its shackles-
Once and for all!